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Enhance your knowledge to engage in impactful discussions and become
a reliable influencer in the Israel and international law arena.

Israel on Trial foundational course

Be part of a comprehensive journey with our course designed to fortify your understanding of Israel and International Law.Equip yourself with tools for informed debates about Israel by utilizing relevant international law frameworks.

Enhance your knowledge to engage in impactful discussions and become a reliable influencer in the Israel and international law arena.Our program, anchored in the insightful books "Israel on Trial" and "Two States for Two Peoples?" published by thinc. provides participants with not only a deep understanding but also tangible materials for continuous learning and application.
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Benefits of our learning program

Foundational Understanding: 

establish your fundamental knowledge of Israel and International Law.

Developed fact-based arguments

acquire tools for engaging in informed debates about Israel by utilizing the relevant international law frameworks and arguments.

Nuanced Application Awareness:

comprehend the nuanced application, misuse, and abuse of international law in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Social Media Proficiency: 

gain expertise in applying acquired knowledge to engage in effective discussions on social media platforms and act as a reliable influencer in the Israel and international law arena.

Learning program:
a. Weekly lectures by world-renowned professors and experts throughout 8 weeks 
b. Powerpoint materials, recommended reading, videos, and a self-assessment quiz are provided for each week’s learning.

Each module consist of:

Introduction,  2x45min lectures,                        weekly live 30-min Q&A. 

Module 1

Introduction to the Arab/Palestine/Israel conflict

Module 2

Israel and International Law

Module 3

Territorial sovereignty, borders and security of the State of Israel

Module 4

"Occupation", "Settlements" and "Annexation"

Module 5

Palestinian self-determination and statehood claims

Module 6

The “Apartheid” allegations

Module 7

Israel, Hamas, and Gaza - Legal Issues

Module 8

Advocacy Workshop

Pilot start Date:
April 4th 2024.
Weekly Thursday sessions


Global Participation:

This course will be offered at two different times on the same day, one for the Northern Hemisphere and other for the Southern Hemisphere. Available times: 


Available times

Europe CET 11am & 7pm,   and the sessions will be recorded and available on-demand. Q&A sessions will be live once a week.  This format is made to accommodate participants from various time zones.


Online course

Access all lesson recordings, course slides, media, videos, articles, and suggested lectures anytime, ensuring a flexible and convenient learning experience. Participation is recommended for maximal benefits.

Frequently asked questions

What is the course duration and format?

 The course spans 8 weeks, consisting of weekly online meetings including 2x45 minute lectures and live 30-minute Q&A sessions. Participants receive PowerPoint materials, recommended readings, and videos. All available on demand for easy following on the participant’s own time and pace.

What are the main topics covered in the course?

 The course establishes foundational knowledge of Israel and International Law, explores the nuanced application of law in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and equips participants with tools for informed debates, research, article writing and similar endeavors.

Can anyone join the course, or is legal expertise required?

This course is open to all individuals interested in Israel and the Middle East. No prior legal expertise is necessary; a commitment to understanding and engagement suffices.

How can participants access the course materials?

 Participants gain access to all lesson recordings, course slides, media, articles, and suggested lectures in a user-friendly online learning platform. This ensures a flexible and convenient learning experience.

Are there any additional opportunities beyond the online course?

 Yes, an optional 3-day Israel on Trial tour will be held onsite at the Hague in June 2024. Participants also receive certificates upon completing the course and gain eligibility for further advanced thinc. courses.
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Israel on Trial Foundational Course 2024

Price: 400 euro 250 euro discounted price for pilot course, first edition. Includes all materials, Israel on Trial book, Two States for Two peoples book, live sessions and all recorded lectures available on demand.



Pilot course started on

April 4th 


8 weeks, 2 hours each week

At the end of the course

Receive your certificate


+/-  30 per session


World renowned experts

Meet our lecturers

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bock

Professor of law

Professor Wolfgang Bock studied Law and Political Science at the Universities of Geneva, Giessen and Frankfurt/Main. He writes and teaches on Constitutional Law und Security Law, on Islam, Islamic Cultures and Islamism, and on Policies and Legal Cultures in the MENA region. 

Dr. Matthijs de Blois

Senior fellow thinc.
Assistant professor at Utrecht Univ-ersity’s Institute of Legal Theory of the Law Faculty. His academic focus is the philosophical & historical aspects of the law, specifically relation law and religion. Co-author of ‘Israel on Trial’

Geoffrey S. Corn

Director - Center for Military Law and Policy
Chair of Criminal Law and Director of the Center for Military Law and Policy, Texas Tech University School of Law.  Distinguished Fellow, JINSA Gemunder Center for Defense & Strategy.

Anne Herzberg

NGO Monitor
Anne is the legal advisor of NGO monitor. She is a graduate of Oberlin College and Colombia University Law school. Anne speaks regularly before the UN Rights council

Prof. Gregory Rose

Senior fellow thinc. (since 2024)

Gregory Rose is a member of the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS) at the University of Wollongong, Australia, where he is Professor of Law and Chair of the University’s Academic Senate. 

Dr. Daphné Richemond-Barak

Assistant Professor 
Dr. Daphné Richemond-Barak is Assistant Professor in the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya in Israel. She also serves as Senior Researcher and Head of the International Law Desk at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism. 

Prof. Robbie Sabel

Advisory board, thinc.
Professor Robbie Sabel Ph.D. is Professor of International Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and Visiting professor at Tel Aviv University and IDC Herzliya.  Prof. Sabel is Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague.

Andrew Tucker

CEO, thinc.
Andrew Tucker, CEO, is co-founder of thinc. (2017). Andrew is co-author of ‘Israel on Trial’, and “Two states for two peoples?”. Based in The Netherlands, he is Principal of Tucker & Associates. Follow Andrew on X

Prof. Steven E. Zipperstein

Steven is a distinguished Senior Fellow of UCLA Center for Middel East Development. He also teaches at UCLA, UC Santa Barbara and Tel Aviv University.   
In these times of global turmoil, thinc.’s Israel on Trial Foundational course offers expert-led instruction, flexible study on your own time, live sessions for greater impact and experience, and a supportive learning community of lawyers and non-lawyers from all around the world.

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